Noosphere Marketing Conference

Noosphere Marketing Conference

12 May 2017

On May 12 NGO “Association Noosphere" and GDM Group hosted their first marketing conference – NOOsphere Marketing Conference.

The conference concept is strongly connected with the blue ocean strategy – the new market where participants set up rules by themselves, not just following the existing ones.

The conference key areas were mobile, traffic tracking, conversational commerce, video marketing and affiliate marketing.

The conference program included two streams: NooMa_Sea for young professionals and students and NooMa_Ocean for the experts.

For more information visit Conference website.

Dnipro Dribbble Meetup@Noosphere

Dnipro Dribbble [email protected]

1 April 2017

On April 1 NGO “Association Noosphere" hosted an event for designers under the umbrella of Dribbble - Dnipro Dribbble [email protected].

The Meetup key areas were:

  • UI/UX design
  • Motion design
  • Icon design
  • Designer professional development and customer relations.

The Meetup schedule included 9 speeches, a cinematography contest and a Dribbble Analog Playoff Battle.

For photos, presentations and videos visit the Dnipro Dribbble [email protected] Facebook page.

AI Rush 2017

AI Rush 2017

18 February 2017

AI Rush 2017 is the second conference for real AI prospectors and Data Miners. We established it as a platform for beginners and specialists to share their knowledge, and discuss practical issues and hot topics.

Together we will investigate the gold-bearing deposits in such fields as:

  1. Machine learning for web-site optimization.
  2. Fraud detection algorithms.
  3. RTB bidding algorithms.

The Conference is organized by Noosphere and Maxymizely.

For more info visit or follow us on Facebook.

The II International Science and Practice Forum “Science and Business”

The II International Science and Practice Forum “Science and Business”

1 July 2016

The II International Science and Practice Forum “Science and Business" took place on July 1, 2016 in Dnipro.

The program of the Forum will include scientists' speeches at the Plenary session. Also, the participants will have an opportunity to talk over main Forum topics during the breakout sessions.

The Forum will focus on six key areas:

  • economy and marketing;
  • mathematical models and methods for Big Data handling and decision-making;
  • AI models and methods;
  • space informatics;
  • an application of modern geoinformation systems (GIS);
  • practical semiotics and its application in economy and business.

Forum languages: Ukrainian, Russian, English.

International Science and Practice Seminar “Economy and Knowledge”

International Science and Practice Seminar “Economy and Knowledge”

22 April 2016

The International Science and Practice Seminar “Economy and Knowledge" introduces a series of special discussion events to be held on regular basis. These events will focus on improving the movement of knowledge through the innovation cycle: science-technology-education-business. Noosphere is organizing the Seminar together with leading Ukrainian universities.

The Seminar will be devoted to the place and role of knowledge in the economy.

The Seminar is aimed at forming a scientific-practical community including researchers, businessmen and specialists who would be able to systematically address challenges related to the acceleration of knowledge generation and its application in the economy and business.

The languages of the Seminar are Russian and Ukrainian.

The Seminar covers the following topics:

  • best practices of knowledge management
  • findings of a theoretical study of the relationship between the economy and knowledge
  • philosophy of the economy and knowledge
  • an ontology of the economy and knowledge
  • the paradigms of the relationship between the economy and knowledge
  • the economy, knowledge and information technologies
  • national dimensions of the knowledge economy
  • corporate systems and foundations for knowledge management
  • information tools of knowledge management in companies