Follow-up for the second AI Rush Conference

Follow-up for the second AI Rush Conference

09:00 20 February 2017
On February 18, 2017, the NGO “Association Noosphere”, hosted their second conference for professionals, AI Rush. The conference focuses on artificial intelligence and big data, and the most recent event brought together more than 250 participants and 10

The keynote speaker at AI Rush 2017 was Michal Kosinski, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University. He delivered an online speech entitled “Predicting intimate traits from digital footprints”.

Michal became well known after a Das Magazine investigation analyzing triggers for Brexit success and the Donald Trump election win. Big Data specialists have been familiar with his research for some time, because he has been regularly listed among the top 50 most influential people in big data by DataIQ and IBM.

In his speech, Michal Kosinski explained how to analyze Facebook likes, tweets, text fragments and web history to identify personal skills, mental abilities and political preferences.

The other AI Rush speakers were:

  • Sergey Nikolenko, National Research University Higher School of Economics St. Petersburg. Speech topic "How to build a fair rating system in team games"
  • Dmitry Maidaniuk, Maxymizely. Speech topic: "A/B testing optimization using factorization machines"
  • Мichael Dopira, Data Tracer. Speech topic: "Smart and pseudo-smart products with machine learning. How to introduce machine learning into business processes?”
  • Leonard Newnham, LoopMe London. Speech topic: "Real-time optimisation of mobile device ad targeting"
  • Vadim Antoniuk, IPONWEB. Speech topic: "Anti-fraud solutions in RTB"
  • Alexander Konduforov, AltexSoft. Speech topic: "How to predict conversion – a case study of an online travel agency"
  • Oleg Tishutin, IPONWEB. Speech topic: "How to attribute and optimize conversions to bring advertiser more return on advertising spend"
  • Roman Rossov, TransferWise. Speech topic: "Not by Fraud alone. Automation of user data collection and building a decision-making system in Fintech"
  • Dmitry Spodarets, FlyElephant. Speech topic: "Environment for models training"

The partners of the AI Rush Conference 2018 were LoopMe, Grammarly and The Gravity Agency.

Information partners were Data Science UA, AltexSoft, Fly Elephant, CyberBionic Systematics, Geeks Lab and STEP Computer Academy.

Gift partners were Questoria Dnepr and LTB.

Prizes for conference participants were provided by Noosphere and partners and included branded T-shorts, keychains and gift cards.

The Conference speech videos are available at the following link.

There is also a photo report on the AI Rush Facebook page.

For more info, please, visit the conference website.