Dnipro Dribbble Meetup@Noosphere: look back

Dnipro Dribbble Meetup@Noosphere: look back

10:00 03 April 2017
On April 1, 2017, NGO “Association Noosphere” hosted its first event for designers - Dnipro Dribbble Meetup@Noosphere.

The Meetup gathered together more than 150 participants from Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa, Vinnytsia, Lviv, Cherkassy and Tel Aviv.

So many people came that the chosen venue was over capacity, forcing more than 100 people to join the wait list. If a registered participant dropped out of the event, a participant from the wait list was added.

For all those who weren’t able to attend the event, online streaming was made available.

9 speakers shared their experiences with the Dnipro Dribbble Meetup@Noosphere audience:

  • Svyatoslav Fedorov, Art Director, Designer, Fedorov Studio. Speech topic: “Use, satisfaction and goals in design”
  • Olga Khidirova, Freelancer. Speech topic: “Graphic design evolution from the 90-s till today”
  • Sergii Valiukh, CEO, Tubik Studio. Speech topic: “Designer depression”
  • Olexander Sidorov, Gagarin IT School founder. Speech topic: “Semantic layer in design for Landing page”
  • Eugene Demchenko, Head Web Design, 1+1 Media. Speech topic: “What is the connection between the size of a Company and procedure of interactive product development?”
  • Oleg Stepanenko, co-owner of production studio “CoolStep” and the recording studio “Sound Works”. Speech topic: “Motion Design: what is important to know today and to do tomorrow”
  • Tania Klyman, Freelancer. Speech topic: “A little bit about flat icons and emotional stickers”
  • Andrew Gargay, Lead User Interface Designer in products Wix Editor, Wix ADI, One App, Wix.com. Speech topic: “Working Smart”
  • Dmitry Chuta, Founder & CEO, Chapps. Speech topic: “What is waiting for the design community?”

As a part of Meetup Noosphere hosted two contests: cinematography competition and Dribbble Analog Playoff Battle.

Cinematography is a “live” photo, one part of it is static and the other is moving. 8 masterpieces participated in this contest. The winners were chosen by the audience at the Meetup.

The second contest was a tradition for Dribbble Meetups – the Analog Playoff. Participants are given a suggestion of something to draw on a topic or not. Dnipro Dribbble Meetup organizers decided to mix the contest up with a “do it yourself” doodler style. Every participant got the template with one element of a picture and the task was to complete the drawing. Check out the results of work on the Meetup Facebook page >>>.

38 designers participated in this Contest and the winner was chosen by the audience as well.

Both winners were given prizes from Noosphere.