NooMa Conference sum-up

NooMa Conference sum-up

11:00 16 May 2017
On May 12, 2017, Noosphere Marketing Conference, hosted by the NGO “Association Noosphere” and GDM Group, took place in Kyiv.

Two conference streams gathered 250 participants and 23 speakers from USA, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Germany and Ukraine.

The conference hallmark was dividing into streams based on difficulty level. #NooMa_Sea stream was intended for students and young professionals, while #NooMa_Ocean stream gathered professionals.

12 speakers shared their experiences within the #NooMa_Sea stream:

  • Karen Pyrogova, GDM Group. Speech topic: "Online marketing explained by an insider"
  • Yana Prolis, GDM Group. Speech topic: "Global trends in Mobile Marketing"
  • Alina Dykuha, SendPulse. Speech topic: "Content strategy for Online Marketing"
  • Anastasiia Nikonorova, ASKfm. Speech topic: "Effective focus group: ASKfm business case"
  • Natalia Logvinova + Olga Zhirova, Oscar Design Agency. Speech topic: "The A to Z's of strong brand building"
  • Konstantin Novofastovskyi, ClickFrog. Speech topic: "CPM, CPC or CPA? What is safer?"
  • Alex Volskyi, Traffic DNA. Speech topic: "Conversational Commerce – entry field or battlefield?"
  • Alex Kravchun, PDFfiller. Speech topic: "20% of Marketers and 80% of Programmers: How does the Marketing department of major product companies work?"
  • Anna Bekh, Traffic DNA. Speech topic: "Effective communications in Direct Deals"
  • Serhii Pyatnytskyi, RingoStat. Speech topic: "How to analyze advertising campaigns results"
  • Maryna Ryzhko, UniSender. Speech topic: "How to collect and monetize email addresses"

The working language of the stream was Russian.

There was also a Vacancy Wall within the #NooMa_Sea stream. Everyone could discover how to start a career in leading marketing companies.

11 speakers shared their experience on #NooMa_Ocean stream:

  • Alice Melnik, GDM Group. Speech topic: "Anatomy of GDM Group: a look under the umbrella"
  • Serhii Aratovskyi, Fiksu DSP. Speech topic: "Mobile Advertising: where it's been and what it is today"
  • Vitalii Malets, Publicfast. Speech topic: "What is influence marketing? What can we expect from it in performance marketing?"
  • Daniel Elad, GDM Group. Speech topic: "How Programmatic Video is Changing the Game"
  • Konstantin Karpalov, GDM Group. Speech topic: "The A to Z's of internal affiliate networks"
  • Alex Omelyanovich, AdsBridge. Speech topic: "Thinking Profitably: Master Optimization"
  • Mark Hassin, GDM Group. Speech topic: "Sales and marketing – how to optimize the funnel"
  • Dennis Hampe, Forbrugerpost ApS. Speech topic: "Intro into the CC submit vertical"
  • Jennie Wäge, Digital Performance. Speech topic: "My journey from intern to COO"
  • Nir Golan, MCR. Speech topic: "Living in the Jungle without going wild"
  • Volodymyr Budanov, Maxpay. Speech topic: "Marketing & Billing synergy: practical cases"

The presentation language of this stream was English.

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